About Us

Pont Steffan Dental Practice first opened its doors in April 2012 at No. 4 North Road, Lampeter. Nearly five years on the acquisition of the neighbouring Northgate House has enabled us to offer even better services to our patients. We will now be able to offer a much needed, extended reception area; but additionally it will help us to continue growing and offer new patients a warm and hopefully lasting impression.

Our Promise To You

As a team we aim to treat all our patients as we would wish to be treated ourselves. Our evidence based approach, centred in preventative dentistry, encompasses modern technology and practices where the needs of the patient are at the forefront of everything we do.

What We Offer Our Patients:

Nervous Patients ThumbnailWe have a keen interest in treating nervous patients. This is why our team are fully trained to be accommodating to your needs as well as taking the time to listen and understand them. We have invested in specialised equipment and techniques to make your visit as painless and stress free as possible.

Teeth Whitening ThumbnailYour smile is the way you greet the world, but if it’s not as healthy or as white as you would like it to be you may not want to smile. By choosing a whitening treatment from us, for use at home, you can be assured of powerful yet safe results!

Dental Plants ThumbnailsAt Pont Steffan we believe in a preventative approach to dental care. As a patient at our practice we want to help you stop dental problems before they start, this is why we offer our patients Denplan payment plans. This means that with regular check ups and visits to our hygienists we can offer you the very best for your oral health.

Orthodontics ThumbnailFixed braces are becoming more and more popular with adults, so if you're looking to improve your smile for your wedding day or just to be able to smile more confidently, we can help in a discreet way by using the Simply Smile® fixed brace orthodontic system.

Dental Implants ThumbnailDental Implants is the modern way to replace missing teeth, be it a single tooth replacement, multiple teeth or an all teeth replacement. Dental Implants can help restore your smile!

Facial Aesthetics ThumbnailRepeated muscle contractions from frowning, squinting, smiling and laughing over the time of a life well lived is an underlying cause of frown lines and crow’s feet. We understand that some patients would like to turn back the clock on these which is why we offer line and wrinkle treatments.

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